The first step in the process is for one of our Project Directors to meet with you to discuss your plans, aims and objectives. This will involve discussing the type of environment you want to create, whether in a new building or in your existing space, and what is important to you as an organisation.   At Boss we work with you to design and install everything required by your project or simply assist with individual areas such as partitioning or ceilings.  We will also try to ascertain a budget for the project so that we base all of our future designs and proposals at the right financial level for you. 


The Design and Specification Process


The aim of our first meeting with you is to give us enough information to be able to present some initial designs for your consideration. In most cases these designs will be a 3D representation of the space as we feel this gives you the best opportunity to really understand what things will look like and how the space will function from a practical perspective. 

Once you are comfortable with the design we create a fully itemised proposal for the works and will talk you through the price so that you understand what the project is costing and where the money is being spent


Getting the Job Done


Health and Safety dangers, disruption issues and the need to remain a fully functional office - with Boss you dont need to worry about any of them.  With our tried and tested methodology, no-one's better at working safely around people.  We can do the heavy work in the evenings and weekends so as not to cause disruption.  We closely monitor your IT and telecoms to ensure your office still runs as effectively as ever. 


Some of our clients like to come to site regularly to check on the progress of the works and some do not attend site at all, preferring to wait for the big unveiling.  Ultimately the choice is yours and the important thing to remember is that from this point on, we take total responsibility for the management and delivery of the finished product.




Once the Project is completed, we will carry out a Practical Completion which is the point at which you take back control of your site and the works officially finish.  At Boss we aim for a ôsnag free" Practical Completion on all of our projects and this is our opportunity to show off your new office to you and your colleagues. 

As a Boss client, you are automatically enrolled onto our Aftercare program which provides a dedicated helpline and maintenance service for clients whenever they need additional work and non-warranty based support.  Many of our clients continue to use this service until they move office again and this is our opportunity to maintain our relationship with you during the intervening years.










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